Earn online in Malaysia – Profitable Quotex strategy

Many traders, homemakers, students, and free-lancers have taken Binary Options and Fixed Time Trading in Malaysia as a serious business. By working online in Malaysia on these financial products, it is possible to make a decent profit every month. It is important to know that many traders lose money too, but successful traders use appropriate money management skills. Although it is impossible to avoid loss, lost money can be recovered to stay profitable in the long run. The Quotex trading strategy discussed here has the potential of increasing your success rate and you can potentially earn online in Malaysia.

Using the strategy is not something everybody can do. But everybody can try. You can try it in a RISK-FREE Demo Account. If you find it favorable to you, you can trade in a live trading account and take up trading as your Online Business in Malaysia.

The Bollinger band strategy discussed here has the potential to increase the success rate while trading. It requires some necessary chart interpretation skills.

It is possible to make $100 every day, by trading carefully a few hours every day. But don’t forget the risks involved and the risk of losing money.

The benefits of taking Binary options trading as an “Online work in Malaysia” is that you are your own boss. You need not work for others, and there is no upper limit to your earnings. You can work by investing a nominal amount starting from $100 to $1000. But if you don’t trade responsibly, and try to become rich overnight, then you may lose your initial investment. (After that you don’t have this Online Work). Hence you must trade with disciplines while managing risk.

Make $100 per day in Malaysia using Bollinger band and Stochastic Indicator

Here we will discuss how to use these two simple and free indicators to trade Binary Options or Fixed Time Trades of  5 minutes expiry. I have used this method to make $100 to $200 in a few hours on several days, and I have also lost money on a few occasions.

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands display the volatility of the asset above and below a moving average line. The width of the band is narrow when there is low volatility and wide when there is high volatility in the market.

The price of the asset moves between the bands – the upper and lower bands may be considered as the area from where the price is likely to bounces back.

Stochastic Oscillator

Stochastic Oscilator is a momentum indicator that works by comparing the closing price of an asset over a range of time. The Stochastic indicator’s reading above 80 is considered as overbought, and below 20 is considered as oversold levels of an asset.

Bollinger Bands with Stochastic Oscillator:

Go to your trading platform, select Bollinger Bands and Stochastic Oscillator on the candlestick chart of the 1-minute time frame. Then follow the trading conditions mentioned below.

  • Select Bollinger Bands and Stochastic Oscillator on a 1 Minute candlestick chart as shown in the QUOTEX platform image above.
  • When the candle is touching upper sideband AND Stochastic is above 80, its a time for a reversal. Hence place a PUT trade there with 5 min expiry. See the attached screenshot.
  • When the candle is touching lower sideband AND Stochastic is below 20, its a time for a reversal. Hence place a CALL trade there with 5 minutes expiry. Refer to the attached screenshot.
  • You can win 8 trades out of 10 on an average while following this strategy, thus giving a winning of 80%. You can see my trades and the winning percentage in the image below.

You can use additional confirmations from other indicators to increase your success rate. Use Support Resistance lines, and trend direction to filter out less probable signals. You may lose a trade, hence don’t invest all your money in a single trade. Invest 5 to 10 percent of your capital. 

How to earn $100 per day in Malaysia using this Quotex strategy?

To start working on this strategy, you have to open a demo account with Quotex, Expert Option, or Olymp Trade. Practice this strategy in the Demo Account for a few days until you feel confident to trade with real money.

Deposit an amount of $500 or more and start trading with $25 using Bollinger band and Stochastic strategy. Stop trading for the day after you reach your target of $100, or if you lose 3 consecutive trades.

You should avoid trading during news hours and when the market is idle, the idle market is indicated by narrow bands of the Bollinger band indicator.

Although the steps shown in this strategy uses the Quotex platform, you can use it for trading on the Olymp Trade trading platform. It is equally effective as a Olymp Trade trading strategy, you can use it on the Olymp Trade platform to trade Fixed time Trades of 5 minutes expiry.

I got the following trades in less than an hour and won 8 trades out of 10.

The important things to keep in mind while trading with the strategy

  • Don’t risk all your money in a single trade.
  • Apply your strategy in a demo trading account and see its performance.
  • Always stick to your strategy.
  • Don’t trade if your indicators don’t show you an opportunity.
  • Don’t risk more than 5 to 10 percent in any single trade.
  • Don’t invest the money you can’t afford to lose.